App Dev: Developing a Backend Service - Java




Configure the Quiz application

Work with Cloud Pub/Sub

Create an cloud spanner instance and database

App Dev: Developing a Backend Service - Java

1시간 20분 크레딧 9개


Google Cloud Self-Paced Labs


In this lab, you develop a backend service for an online Quiz application to process user feedback and save scores.

The Quiz application has two parts, the web application that will run in the first Cloud shell window and the worker application that runs in the second Cloud Shell window.

  • Web application: manages the logic of sending the user's feedback to a pub/sub topic.
  • Worker application: listens to the feedback provided by the user to eventually perform sentiment analysis and store them in a database (Cloud Spanner).

This process takes advantage of Google Cloud products and services:

  • Cloud Pub/Sub: The Topic alerts and provides the subscribing worker application to new scores and feedback for analysis.

  • Cloud Natural Language: Provides sentiment analysis on the feedback.

  • Cloud Spanner: Database for the Quiz application.

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