Deploy Kubernetes Load Balancer Service with Terraform

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There were some warnings on the `terraform apply` step. Warning: "spec.0.template.0.container": [DEPRECATED] This field is deprecated because template was incorrectly defined as a PodSpec preventing the definition of metadata. Please use the one under th e spec field on line 49, in resource "kubernetes_replication_controller" "nginx": 49: resource "kubernetes_replication_controller" "nginx" { Warning: Value for undeclared variable on terraform.tfvars line 1: 1: gke_username = "admin" The root module does not declare a variable named "gke_username". To use this value, add a "variable" block to the configuration. Using a variables file to set an undeclared variable is deprecated and will become an error in a future release. If you wish to provide certain "global" settings to all configurations in your organization, use TF_VAR_... environment variables to set these instead.

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