VPC Networking Fundamentals




Create a VPC network and VM instance

Create a VM instance in us-central1

Create a VM instance in europe-central2

VPC Networking Fundamentals

1 个小时 5 个积分


Google Cloud Self-Paced Labs


Google Cloud Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) provides networking functionality to Compute Engine virtual machine (VM) instances, Kubernetes Engine containers and App Engine Flex. In other words, without a VPC network you cannot create VM instances, containers or App Engine applications. Therefore, each Google Cloud project has a default network to get you started.

You can think of a VPC network the same way you would think of a physical network, except that it is virtualized within Google Cloud. A VPC network is a global resource which consists of a list of regional virtual subnetworks (subnets) in data centers, all connected by a global wide area network (WAN). VPC networks are logically isolated from each other in Google Cloud.

In this lab, you create an auto mode VPC network with firewall rules and two VM instances. Then, you explore the connectivity for the VM instances.


In this lab, you learn how to perform the following tasks:

  • Explore the default VPC network

  • Create an auto mode network with firewall rules

  • Create VM instances using Compute Engine

  • Explore the connectivity for VM instances

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