Predict Visitor Purchases with a Classification Model in BQML


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Dave L. · 评论大约 2 小时之前

Nice intro for this new BQ power tool !

Julio Q. · 评论大约 5 小时之前

David N. · 评论大约 6 小时之前

Haris J. · 评论大约 7 小时之前

Javier Z. · 评论大约 10 小时之前

Martin M. · 评论大约 10 小时之前

Rey Emmanuel B. · 评论大约 12 小时之前

lab didn't mark an objective complete. tech is cool but prob needs a little more explanation of the magic

Abhey S. · 评论大约 13 小时之前

Lorena F. · 评论大约 15 小时之前

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Max L. · 评论大约 23 小时之前

"Improve model performance with Feature Engineering(Create second model)" on "Predict Visitor Purchases with a Classification Model in BQML" lab still says, "It doesn't look like you've completed this step yet. Try again." although Query history says "6:27PM: CREATE OR REPLACE MODEL `ecommerce.classification_model_2` OPTIONS " 6:27PM was over half an hour ago.

Chieko D. · 评论1 天之前

Inova L. · 评论1 天之前

The lab is really interesting and fun. It's very complete. My "low" scoring is due that some of the "Check my progress" buttons don't work properly and had to figure out how to overcome it.

Ricardo G. · 评论1 天之前

the classification 2 model been done but lab unable to detect

andy l. · 评论1 天之前

Marta M. · 评论1 天之前

Deepak G. · 评论2 天之前

Ramesh M. · 评论2 天之前

Check my progress didn't worked

Shivam G. · 评论2 天之前

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Ramona S. · 评论2 天之前

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