Google Slides API als benutzerdefiniertes Präsentationstool

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very confusing and not sure if the end result was to be expected would like to see photos of end result to make sure you did the steps properly.

Matt M. · Reviewed etwa 7 Stunden ago

Almog L. · Reviewed etwa 12 Stunden ago

Super awesome!

Igor B. · Reviewed etwa 14 Stunden ago

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Oriane C. · Reviewed etwa 21 Stunden ago

Don't feel like I learned as much with this lab as with the other labs.

Colleen P. · Reviewed ein Tag ago

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Great lab! Generated the Slides and everything looked great although it seems all the Body text printed on top of itself. Didn't get a chance to test fixes although it may be in the: // Inserts the license in the text body paragraph insertText: { objectId: `${ID_TITLE_SLIDE_BODY}_${index}`, text: licenseData.license } or possibly the following // Formats the slide paragraph's font updateParagraphStyle: { objectId: `${ID_TITLE_SLIDE_BODY}_${index}`, fields: '*', style: { lineSpacing: 10, spaceAbove: {magnitude: 0, unit: 'PT'}, spaceBelow: {magnitude: 0, unit: 'PT'}, } }

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