Using the Video Intelligence API with C#

Using the Video Intelligence API with C#

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Google Cloud Video Intelligence API allows developers to use Google video analysis technology as part of their applications.

It can be used to do:

The REST API enables users to annotate videos stored locally or in Google Cloud Storage with contextual information at the level of the entire video, per segment, per shot, and per frame.

In this lab you will focus on using the Video Intelligence API with C#. You will learn how to analyze videos for labels, shot changes and explicit content detection.

What you'll learn

  • How to use the Cloud Shell

  • How to enable the Video Intelligence API

  • How to Authenticate API requests

  • How to install the Google Cloud client library for C#

  • How to analyze videos for labels

  • How to analyze videos for shot changes

  • How to analyze videos for explicit content detection

What you'll need

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  • Receber acesso temporário a Console do Google Cloud.
  • Mais de 200 laboratórios, do nível iniciante ao avançado.
  • Tamanho compacto para que você possa aprender no seu próprio ritmo.
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