Working with Amazon Redshift

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Not up to date with the new console

Michel C. · 评论大約一個月之前

Daniel M. · 评论大約一個月之前

Carolina I. · 评论大約一個月之前

The lab follows the old UI for the redshift console. After realizing this, I was able to switch back to the old UI so I could follow along. Content was excellent.

Bryan M. · 评论大約一個月之前


Hiroyuki I. · 评论大約一個月之前

Nikhil B. · 评论大約一個月之前

Himanshu J. · 评论大約一個月之前

Xin X. · 评论大約一個月之前

Mudit M. · 评论大約一個月之前


Ankush P. · 评论大約一個月之前

adil c. · 评论大約一個月之前

I think the Redshift Console's UI changed. Might need to update this.

Tom N. · 评论大約一個月之前

Lab did not work, connection issues

Kris E. · 评论大約一個月之前

Glenn R. · 评论大約一個月之前

เอกณัฐ ช. · 评论大約一個月之前

Redshift dashboard has changed significantly. Instructions need to be updated.

Kranthi Kumar K. · 评论大約一個月之前

Very informative -- just the basics of an introduction.

Dan J. · 评论大約一個月之前

Great Overview. The AWS consonle has changed and a few screenshots would help a lot in the instructions.

* Anil Gunesh *. · 评论大約一個月之前

Screenshots are now outdated as there is the new Console UI.

Jakob J. · 评论大約一個月之前

cheena a. · 评论大約一個月之前

did not work as written

Apurv P. · 评论大約一個月之前

Hemant k. · 评论大約一個月之前

Hemant k. · 评论大約一個月之前

Gaurav G. · 评论大約一個月之前

Gaurav G. · 评论大約一個月之前