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python --registry_id iot-registry --device_id my-device --project_id "<YOUR-PROJECT-ID >" --private_key_file rsa_private.pem --mqtt_bridge_port 443 --algorithm RS256 --ca_certs roots.pem --cloud_region us-central1 When we run this from cloud shell it fails with 'Disconnected: 1: Out of memory'

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last part did not seem to work.

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(venv) student_00_1a6f37a287e3@cloudshell:~/python-docs-samples/iot/api-client/end_to_end_example (qwiklabs-gcp-00-9ec81f4fe070)$ python \ > --project_id="qwiklabs-gcp-00-9ec81f4fe070" \ > --pubsub_subscription=iot-sub File "", line 84 def update_device_config(self, project_id, region, registry_id, device_id, data): ^ IndentationError: unindent does not match any outer indentation level

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