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The initial link to get to the data-insights data did not work, I tried in the same browser, in the same project, in a different browser none of them found it. I searched for it and did not find it. I continued the Lab and found the queries still ran. It was annoying that you ask us to write a query which when run produces the same result as your query, but unless I run your query it does not pass the stage.

Mark P. · Vor etwa 16 Stunden überprüft

The sample data set is out-of-dated

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Ezhavendhan P. · Vor 2 Tage überprüft

does not exist public dataset data-to-insights

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Irfan B. · Vor 3 Tage überprüft

found many error, will try again later

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I didn't have the permissions to perform the lab.

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