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Javier D. · 评论大約 16 小時之前

Great lab! It took time to get used to these steps since they involved several times of switching windows and tabs. In my first attempt, I couldn't finish the lab since I overlooked the step to lookup the Service account. Overall, it's a good alternative to work with SQL from APIs Explorer. Typos found: Build a Cloud SQL instance with instance.insert * Make sure that API is enabled, if not click Enable. Manage <- Enable * This will open a new tab with the Rest API Reference page for the Clod SQL API. Cloud <- Clod * Next to it give name as my-instamce my-instance <- my-instamce

Moria W. · 评论大約 18 小時之前

Although the instructions were all clear, after the step of adding member and assigning Admin Role to the @iam.gserviceaccount domain; it didn't confirm that I completed the task, but I believe that I followed the steps accordingly. I'm not sure what issues occurred.

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