Working with JSON, Arrays, and Structs in BigQuery

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Ryan M. · 评论大約 2 小時之前

WANG-YANG L. · 评论大約 11 小時之前

*BQ Learned STRUCTS and ARRAYs Need more practice!!

Alex T. · 评论大約 21 小時之前

Gina_Lady G_ M. · 评论一天之前

good practice for nesting and struct datatypes!

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Had error accessing google-analytics-data

Tiew Kee Hui -. · 评论6 天之前

Thammanna G. · 评论6 天之前

The explanations are clear and very good, but I think there could be some more in-depth practice opportunities to make sure the user really gets the concepts and can replicate them later alone.

Marina B. · 评论6 天之前

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