Visualize the 10,000 Bitcoin Pizza Transaction Using BigQuery and AI Notebooks


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Notebooks can't open

Muhammad Dhia Irfan · 約23時間前にレビュー済み

The notebook page didn't load...

MORITZ Alexandre · 1日前にレビュー済み

notebook command run error

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Bagheritabar Darious · 6日前にレビュー済み

With Python 3, there was an error in: from import bigquery ImportError: cannot import name 'collections_abc' from 'six.moves' (unknown location) With Python 3, there was an error in df = trace_transactions(MAX_DEPTH, BASE_SEEDS, 0) Now scanning 1 seeds Now scanning 27 seeds BadRequest: 400 Syntax error: Expected "," or "]" but got string literal '13pVVjBntbheW93GNCWKA1ZMdbQrRopNsp' at [10:46] (job ID: 749a225c-9722-4fb2-9584-879627b16893)

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Wibowo Aufa · 8日前にレビュー済み

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Mahendika Muhammad Nawaffarras · 9日前にレビュー済み

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Balaji Aravind · 12日前にレビュー済み

- Kai Fung Chan · 13日前にレビュー済み

Lab is broken. Cannot get past first step in Jupyter lab because it is not possible to import the six.moves package. Instructions also appear to be out of date, since Pytorch 1.1 is no longer an offered option of the GCP Notebooks AI Platform. Chat support said that QwikLabs is undergoing some ongoing issue. Wasted time on this lab, and may not be able to complete the Blockchain Quest now.

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quite nice

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