Créer un chatbot d'IA avec Dialogflow

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Rodrigo C. · Reviewed environ 15 heures ago

Oliver S. · Reviewed environ 16 heures ago

Great starter lab for a bot!

Greg T. · Reviewed environ 18 heures ago

Peter F. · Reviewed 1 jour ago

Tomasz A. · Reviewed 1 jour ago

Mahendar P. · Reviewed 2 jours ago

Andrey G. · Reviewed 2 jours ago

alexandre P. · Reviewed 2 jours ago


Mohcine E. · Reviewed 3 jours ago


Bedilbek K. · Reviewed 4 jours ago

Zhijing E. · Reviewed 4 jours ago

Danilo C. · Reviewed 5 jours ago

Kenji S. · Reviewed 5 jours ago

Valentina K. · Reviewed 5 jours ago

Bruno A. · Reviewed 6 jours ago

Good lab. It was a nice introduction to the capabilities of Dialogflow and integrating with Google Cloud.

Dan S. · Reviewed 6 jours ago

The screen shot for the second intent was misleading as the system set up a variable called person not given name. I also did not get a datastore record generated (even though I pass the score).

Ian Q. · Reviewed 6 jours ago

Kevin C. · Reviewed 6 jours ago

It was a great experience to develop and implement an AI chatbot

Mehmet Sinan Ö. · Reviewed 6 jours ago

WANG YANG N. · Reviewed 6 jours ago

Kharroubi Y. · Reviewed 6 jours ago

AGUNG I. · Reviewed 6 jours ago

Michel A. · Reviewed 6 jours ago

Widad D. · Reviewed 7 jours ago