Install and Use Cloud Tools for PowerShell

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machine type for the powershell created instance must be "n1-standard-1", otherwise an error of Invalid value for field 'resource.machineType': 'projects/qwiklabs-gcp-02-0bd259ebcae5/zones/us-central2-a/machineTypes/n1-standard-4'. Machine type specified 'n1-standard-4' is in a different scope than the instance. [400] happens. Also the args for AddInstance must be quoted like $config | Add-GceInstance -Project 'qwiklabs-gcp-02-0bd259ebcae5' -Zone 'us-central1-a'

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Very cool

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Issues with running commands in powershell. Machine type in lab script is not allowed (changed to n1-standard-1 for it to work).

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