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Shell disconnected and caused not to be found

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When I try to deploy the scheduler, I get the error: "NOT_FOUND: The project qwiklabs-gcp-02-02089e1e60d3 does not contain an App Engine application." I changed to the parent directory (gcf-automated-resource-cleanup) and reran the command to deploy the scheduler and it seems to have worked. (I'm not sure if I just needed to rerun the command or if changing directories actually mattered.) But when I try to test the scheduled run, it fails. I _think_ this is all because of entering the default "N" when asked if the cloud function should allow unauthenticated invocations. In "Output the section of the code that checks the lastAttachTimestamp field and deletes the disk if it doesn’t exist:" the current code in the repo is vastly different from the code shown. There are similar problems for "Output the section of the code that calculates the age of the disk if it’s orphaned, creates a snapshot of it, and deletes it:" Most of these seem related to new try blocks and using [] instead of .get(). "The following diagram describes the architecture used in the first section of this lab, where you schedule a Cloud Function": the Cloud Function isn't scheduled until the last section of the lab (not the first). And the diagram could sure use some text describing the pieces. Sure, it's obvious to you since you've already done the lab but for those just starting the lab, it's not so clear. In Enable APIs and Clone Repository, thank you, thank you, thank you for using environment variables. In examining the created disks, it would be nice if the table could be formatted to fit without wrapping. In "Review the Cloud Function code", I was confused by step 4: "In Cloud Shell, click the Cloud Shell Editor button to edit the file." since I didn't read ahead to step 5 which told me how to navigate to I figured out where was and then was confused by steps 5 and 6, since I'd already opened to edit. I think I'd have been much less confused if step 4 had just been: "In Cloud Shell, click the Cloud Shell Editor button." When deploying the function, there is a new prompt that needs to be replied to (Allow unauthenticated invocations of new function"). In "Schedule and test the Cloud Function," make it clear you won't actually use the schedule. In looking at my score on the right side, I could only see the first 5 items and couldn't figure out how to get to the 6th.

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Pretty much same as last one, this is redundant lab in the quest.

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I tried to do this lab twice. The first time I couldn't get the code to deploy. I may have had syntax errors. The second time I just did not edit the code until actually scheduling a job. This allowed me to get an 100 score even though the one disk was not actually removed.

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Great One!

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