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impossible to end the lab due to an issue on the authentification

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In Set up a Stackdriver Monitoring..., when opening Stackdriver, an invitation to use Beta pops up that should get a "No thanks." In Set up a Stackdriver Monitoring, despite "There's no data in the chart because there's no traffic to the Cloud Storage buckets." my chart had data. And when I did group by (To group the metrics by bucket name, in the Group By drop-down list, click bucket_name), the Aggregator changed to sum and couldn't be changed back to none. In Generate load on the serving bucket, warn the user to be patient. I didn't see a load for a minute (but it felt like longer) I(n "Review … the Cloud Function" the code in the repo is slightly different from the code shown (the line to create the client is now storage_client = storage.Client(project)). Also, in "Notice that the Cloud Function uses the bucket name passed in the request to change it's storage class to Nearline." "it's" should be "its". YES! In deploying the function, you allow unauthenticated invocations! But I couldn't deploy the first time I tried because of a service account error " does not have storage.objects.create access to gcf-upload-us-central1-430599e5-f932-4a7e-80e9-743c0ad5b4f6/" It did work the second time. Computers. Go figure.

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