Clean up unused IP addresses


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In Create IP Addresses, after the progress check (Create two static IP addresses), there's a single numbered instruction starting at 1 again (but not in the next section): "Set the used IP address as an environment variable:" What is this doing here? Since you DO need it in the next section, it probably should be the first instruction in Create a VM. (FWIW, you don't get an error when you create a VM without setting this variable. But it will cause trouble later.) In Review the Cloud Function code, why do we bother finding the age? You refer to the line in the description below but that line is no longer in the code as shown or in the code as downloaded (which currently has "if ((metadata.status=='RESERVED') & (calculateAge(metadata.creationTimestamp) >= ageToDelete)){ checks whether the IP address is in use, calculates its age by using a helper function, and compares its age against a constant (set to 0 for the purposes of the lab)."). In the Architecture section, the diagram could sure use some text describing the pieces. Sure, it's obvious to you since you've already done the lab but for those just starting the lab, it's not so clear. In Enable APIs and Clone Repository, thank you, thank you, thank you for using environment variables. In examining the created IP addresses, it would be nice if the table could be formatted to fit without wrapping. When deploying the function, there is a new prompt that needs to be replied to (Allow unauthenticated invocations of new function"). In "Schedule and test the Cloud Function," make it clear you won't actually use the schedule. When I tried to create the scheduler, I got the error "Could not determine the location for the project. Please try again." After Test the job by manually triggering it:", make it clear there will be no output. In looking at my score on the right side, I could only see the first 5 items and couldn't figure out how to get to the 6th.

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