Setting up a Private Kubernetes Cluster




Create a private cluster

Create a VM instance

Authorize your external address range

Delete the Kubernetes cluster

Create a subnetwork and secondary ranges in us-central1 region

Create a private cluster that uses your subnetwork

Authorize your external address range for private cluster in custom subnetwork

Setting up a Private Kubernetes Cluster

1 个小时 30 分钟 7 个积分


Google Cloud Self-Paced Labs


In Kubernetes Engine, a private cluster is a cluster that makes your master inaccessible from the public internet. In a private cluster, nodes do not have public IP addresses, only private addresses, so your workloads run in an isolated environment. Nodes and masters communicate with each other using VPC peering.

In the Kubernetes Engine API, address ranges are expressed as Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) blocks.

In this lab you will learn how to create a private Kubernetes cluster.

What you'll do

  • Create a Private Kubernetes Cluster.


  • Student should already have experience creating and launching Kubernetes Clusters and be thoroughly versed in IP addressing in CIDR Range formats.

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  • 获取对“Google Cloud Console”的临时访问权限。
  • 200 多项实验,从入门级实验到高级实验,应有尽有。
  • 内容短小精悍,便于您按照自己的节奏进行学习。