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great training

Omar O. · Avaliado aproximadamente 2 horas atrás


Isaiah L. · Avaliado aproximadamente 2 horas atrás

Roger L. · Avaliado aproximadamente 3 horas atrás

Sudhindra N. · Avaliado aproximadamente 9 horas atrás

matthieu c. · Avaliado aproximadamente 11 horas atrás

the --limit flag didn't work in my test console. still only output 1 message regardless of the limit value

Richard S. · Avaliado aproximadamente 18 horas atrás

yusuke n. · Avaliado aproximadamente 19 horas atrás

Pulling multiple messages doesn't work well

matymdatango .. · Avaliado 1 dia atrás

Ignasi M. · Avaliado 1 dia atrás

It was a good first lab to start with.

uriel f. · Avaliado 1 dia atrás

WANG-YANG L. · Avaliado 1 dia atrás

Good start

Max V. · Avaliado 1 dia atrás

Siu Kei M. · Avaliado 1 dia atrás

Notes that the message order is not guaranteed even if we have single subscriber would be a nice point to put it out there. Also observed that when publisher finished publishing four message and subscriber started reading with limit 4, only three were read and I had to re-run the read to get the last message. Telling me that there is latency in the pub/sub even though publisher gives me a message ID!

Pavan B. · Avaliado 2 dias atrás

GG Q. · Avaliado 2 dias atrás

Kunal P. · Avaliado 2 dias atrás

hongwei x. · Avaliado 2 dias atrás

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