Accelerate 2020: Google Cloud Hero... PreGame!

Fundamental ステップ: 8 7時間 クレジット: 49

If you are a Technical Attendee at Accelerate 2020 Las Vegas (Jan 14-16, 2020), enroll now and complete this Quest. You'll be part of a hands-on labs competition, Google Cloud Hero, where you'll take labs to score points and compete with your colleagues to win prizes. The six labs in this Quest are the prerequisites: you need to complete these before attending, and the points you earn for completing these labs will be part of your event score. In order to maximize your final score and have a chance to be on the leaderboard, you must complete these labs!


These are the prerequisite fundamental labs for the technical attendees at Accelerate 2020. The expectation is that you accomplish this foundational hands-on GCP knowledge across all platform tools and services and have taken self-paced labs on the Qwiklabs platform before.

Quest Outline


Installing the Istio on GKE Add-On with Kubernetes Engine

Architecting Hybrid Infrastructure with Anthos: Install and review the Bookinfo sample application on a GKE cluster using the Istio on GKE Add-On.


VM の移行: 評価

This lab demonstrates a use of an assessment tool and how to enable it on a source environment on AWS. During the lab the students will get exposure to features and capabilities they are not familiar with.

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Dataflow と BigQuery を使用した GCP での ETL 処理

このラボでは、複数のデータ パイプラインを構築し、一般公開されているデータセットから BigQuery にデータを取り込みます。

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Tracking Cryptocurrency Exchange Trades with Google Cloud Platform in Real-Time

In this lab you will use GCP services to help graph trades, volume, and time delta from trade execution to see any patterns in the high volatility of the cryptocurrency market.


Securing Applications on Kubernetes Engine - Three Examples

In this lab you will learn how Kubernetes Engine security features can be used to grant varying levels of privilege to applications based on their particular requirements


G Suite Admin Getting Started - Personalization

Basic G Suite administration. Access controls, personalize your Admin Console, company profile; load users in single or batch mode. Watch G Suite Admin Getting Started - Personalization.


Palo Alto Networks VM-Series Firewall: Securing the GKE Perimeter

This Lab uses the Palo Alto Networks VM-Series Firewall to provide security to a simple, two-tiered Guestbook application in a Kubernetes cluster.