Integrate with Machine Learning APIs

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Earn a skill badge by completing the Integrate with Machine Learning APIs quest, where you learn the basic features for the following machine learning and AI technologies: Cloud Vision API, Cloud Cloud Translation API, and Cloud Natural Language API.

A skill badge is an exclusive digital badge issued by Google Cloud in recognition of your proficiency with Google Cloud products and services and tests your ability to apply your knowledge in an interactive hands-on environment. Complete this skill badge quest, and the final assessment challenge lab, to receive a skill badge that you can share with your network.

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    Introduction to APIs in Google

    This lab will teach you about the architecture and basic functioning of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). This will be supplemented with hands-on practice, where you will configure and run Cloud Storage API methods in Cloud Shell.

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    Extract, Analyze, and Translate Text from Images with the Cloud ML APIs

    In this lab you’ll combine the Cloud Vision, Natural Language, and Translation APIs to capture text strings from images, recognize characters, and analyze and translate the text strings into other languages.

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    Classify Text into Categories with the Natural Language API

    In this lab you’ll learn how to classify text into categories using the Natural Language API

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    Detect Labels, Faces, and Landmarks in Images with the Cloud Vision API

    The Cloud Vision API lets you understand the content of an image by encapsulating powerful machine learning models in a simple REST API. In this lab you’ll send an image to the Cloud Vision API and have it identify objects, faces, and landmarks.

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    Natural Language API를 사용한 항목 및 감정 분석

    Cloud Natural Language API를 사용하면 텍스트 블록에서 항목을 추출하고 감정 및 구문 분석을 수행할 수 있습니다. 이 실습에서는 Cloud Natural Language API를 사용하여 텍스트에서 항목과 감정을 추출하는 방법을 알아봅니다.

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    Awwvision: Cloud Vision API from a Kubernetes Cluster

    This hands-on lab uses Kubernetes and Cloud Vision API to create an example of how to use the Vision API to classify (label) images from Reddit’s /r/aww subreddit and display the labelled results in a web app.

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    Integrate with Machine Learning APIs: Challenge Lab

    This challenge labs tests your skills in implementing a solution using the Google Machine Learning APIs

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