Serverless Design with AWS Lambda

5 Steps 5 hours 24 Credits

In this Quest, you will learn how to write functions with the AWS Lambda Service that respond to events and integrate other AWS Services. You will create applications that write records to Amazon DynamoDB, send messages with Amazon SNS, and monitor events in Amazon CloudWatch and external services. You will even write a back-end function in Lambda for creating a voice-response app for Alexa and the Amazon Echo.


The labs in this quest will teach you how to integrate services with AWS Lambda functions, and how to create real-world applications without requiring launching and maintaining servers.

Quest Outline


Introduction to AWS Lambda

This lab will give you the basic understanding of AWS Lambda. It will demonstrate the basic steps required to get started to create and deploy a Lambda function in an event-driven environment.

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Introduction to Amazon API Gateway

In this lab, you will create a simple FAQ microservice. The microservice will return a JSON object containing a random question and answer pair using an API Gateway endpoint that invokes a Lambda function. Prerequisites: students should take the lab "Introduction to AWS Lambda" before taking this lab.

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warning Serverless Architectures using Amazon CloudWatch Events and Scheduled Events with AWS Lambda

This is a two part lab. In part one of the lab, you will learn how to use a Lambda function with CloudWatch events to monitor the creation of an EC2 instance, using a Lambda function you create manually. In part two of the lab, you will create a Lambda function from a blueprint to alert you to a CloudWatch alarm, with notification through an Amazon SNS topic. Prerequisites: To successfully complete this lab, you should be familiar with basic CloudWatch and SNS concepts. Node.js and Python programming are required, although full solution code is provided. You should have at a minimum taken the “Introduction to AWS Lambda” lab.


Using AWS Lambda with Amazon CloudWatch and SNS to Implement a Slack Chat Bot

In this lab you will build a chat bot for Slack, using a Lambda blueprint. Chat bots have the ability to interact with teams and users, respond to commands, and post notifications, giving all conversation participants visibility into team activities. You will build a bot that posts CloudWatch alarms to your Slack channel. Prerequisites: To successfully complete this lab, you should be familiar with AWS Lambda and Amazon CloudWatch through taking the introductory labs. You will need to have or create an account with the online service Slack to complete this lab-- instructions are provided. Familiarity with Slack is helpful, though not required.


Build a Serverless Text-to-Speech Application with Amazon Polly

This lab builds a complete serverless application that demonstrates how to convert text-to-speech using Amazon Polly.

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