Alexa Skills Development

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In this Quest, you will learn how to create Alexa skills that respond to voice commands and which can be used on the Amazon Echo, Dot, and Tap devices. You will create back-end functions in AWS Lambda, and then connect them with voice response logic using the Alexa Skills Kit. You will use both the AWS Console and the Amazon Developer Portal in these labs, the latter requiring you to have or create a no-cost, no-credit-card-required account. No hardware device is required for any lab; an Alexa voice response simulation system is provided in the Amazon Developer Portal. Templates used in these labs can be adapted and extended to create your own Alexa skills and offer them to the worldwide Alexa user community.


The labs in this Quest will teach you how to create working voice-response Alexa skills. You will learn how to create Lambda functions triggered by Alexa voice input, and then integrate these functions with invocations and utterances stored in the Amazon Developer Portal. You will learn how to leverage the Alexa Skills Kit templates provided in these labs to develop your own Alexa skills.

Quest Outline


Introduction to AWS Lambda

This lab will give you the basic understanding of AWS Lambda. It will demonstrate the basic steps required to get started to create and deploy a Lambda function in an event-driven environment.

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