DevZone Quest

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Welcome to DevZone Quest, a set of labs to deepen your understanding of the technology behind the Cloud Showcase Experiments featured in the Google Cloud Next 2019 San Francisco DevZone.

Application Development Data Machine Learning

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Understand how Auto ML empowered Pizza Authenticator to recognize New York vs Chicago pizza. Dig deeper on the technology behind the pi calculation world record. Learn how to analyze your own data set with BigQuery, or try your own hand at improving network performance.

Quest Outline


Classify Images of Clouds in the Cloud with AutoML Vision

AutoML Vision helps developers with limited ML expertise train high quality image recognition models. In this hands-on lab, you will learn how to train a custom model to recognize different types of clouds (cumulus, cumulonimbus, etc.).

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가상 머신 만들기

이번 실습에서는 Google Compute Engine 가상 머신을 만드는 방법을 배우고 영역, 리전, 머신 유형에 관해 알아봅니다. 실습 내용을 미리 보려면 간단한 동영상 가상 머신 만들기, GCP Essentials를 확인하세요.

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Improving Network Performance I

In this lab, you'll work on practical elements of performance testing, with an eye to improving network bandwidth in your environment by using different core sizes and internal vs. external networks.

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Getting Started with BQML

In this lab you'll learn how to use BigQuery to create machine learning models for datasets to create a model that predicts whether a visitor will make a transaction.

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