Intermediate ML: TensorFlow on GCP

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TensorFlow is library for is an open source software library for high performance numerical computation that's great for writing models that can train and run on platforms ranging from your laptop to a fleet of servers in the Cloud to an edge device. This quest takes you beyond the basics of using predefined models and teaches you how to build, train and deploy your own on GCP.

Machine Learning

Quest Outline


Maschinelles Lernen mit TensorFlow

In diesem Lab lernen Sie, wie Sie mit Google Cloud Machine Learning und TensorFlow Vorhersagemodelle entwickeln und bewerten, die auf maschinellem Lernen basieren.

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TensorFlow for Poets

In this lab you will learn how to install and run TensorFlow on a single machine, then train a simple classifier to classify images of flowers.


Learning TensorFlow: the Hello World of Machine Learning

In this lab, you learn the basic ‘Hello World' of machine learning. Instead of programming explicit rules in a language such as Java or C++, you build a system that is trained on data to infer the rules that determine a relationship between numbers.


Immobilienpreise mit TensorFlow und AI Platform vorhersagen

In diesem Lab erstellen Sie mit TensorFlow und AI Platform eine umfassende Lösung für maschinelles Lernen (ML) und nutzen die Cloud für verteiltes Training und Onlinevorhersagen.

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Creating an Object Detection Application Using TensorFlow

This lab will show you how to install and run an object detection application. The application uses TensorFlow and other public API libraries to detect multiple objects in an uploaded image.

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