Optimizing Your GCP Costs

Advanced ステップ: 14 7時間 クレジット: 30

This is the second Quest in a two-part series on GCP billing and cost management essentials. This Quest is most suitable for those in a Finance and/or IT related role responsible for optimizing their organization’s cloud infrastructure. Here you'll learn several ways to control and optimize your GCP costs, including setting up budgets and alerts, managing quota limits, and taking advantage of committed use discounts. In the hands-on labs, you’ll practice using various tools to control and optimize your GCP costs or to influence your technology teams to apply the cost optimization best practices.

Infrastructure Business Transformation


This training will be most beneficial for those who have completed the Understanding Your GCP Costs Quest, which is the first Quest in this two-part series on GCP billing and cost management essentials. Prior experience with Cloud Functions, Stackdriver, and Cloud Scheduler will be beneficial for those interested in completing the hands-on labs.


  • Explain the operational prerequisites to achieve cloud cost optimization
  • Differentiate between budgets and quota
  • Set up budgets and alerts for actual and forecasted thresholds
  • Set up cost controls with quota
  • Analyze your committed use discounts
  • Use advanced methods for cost control and optimization


Anyone managing GCP spend in any capacity for their company; Roles include: Finance and IT procurement leads, Financial Controller, Financial Manager, VP of Operations, Billing Ops Lead, Head of IT Procurement, IT Executive.

Quest Outline



このラボでは、大規模なデータセットに対してクエリを実行し、BigQuery API の割り当てを更新して、割り当てに収まるようにクエリを最適化します。

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Stackdriver: Qwik Start

このラボでは、Stackdriver を使用して Google Compute Engine の仮想マシン(VM)インスタンスをモニタリングする方法を学習します。短い動画 Monitor Health of All Your Cloud Apps with Google StackdriverMonitor a VM Instance with Stackdriver, GCP Essentials をご覧ください。

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Cloud Functions: Qwik Start - コマンドライン

このハンズオンラボでは、Cloud Platform のコマンドラインを使用して Cloud Functions の関数を作成し、デプロイする方法について学習します。Connect & Extend GCP Services with Google Cloud Functions の短い動画をご覧ください。

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未使用の IP アドレスのクリーンアップ

このラボでは、Cloud Function をスケジュールし、未使用の IP アドレスを特定してクリーンアップします。

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Clean up Unused and Orphaned Persistent Disks

In this lab you will schedule a Cloud Function to identify and clean up unused and orphaned persistent disks.


Optimizing cost with Google Cloud Storage

In this lab you will configure Stackdriver Monitoring to observe bucket object access and deploy a Cloud Function to migrate objects from a Regional bucket to a Nearline bucket.