Asylo - Practical Confidential Computing with Enclaves

Advanced 8 Schritte 5 Stunden 33 Guthabenpunkte

This quest introduces you to Asylo (Greek for "safe place"), a developer framework and SDK for developing applications that run in trusted execution environments (TEEs).


  • Introduce Asylo and enclave technology
  • Use Asylo to build a simple example enclave
  • Run a gRPC server inside an enclave and interact with it from a client running in an untrusted environment
  • Leverage Asylo to set up popular applications such as Redis and SQLite inside an enclave
  • Demonstrate Asylo protecting secret data from a privileged attacker

Quest Outline

Praxisorientiertes Lab

Asylo - an Open, Flexible Framework for Enclave Applications

Asylo is an open source framework for developing enclave applications.

Praxisorientiertes Lab

Running a gRPC Server Inside an Asylo Enclave

In this lab you will learn how to run a gRPC server inside an enclave, then interact with it from a client running in an untrusted environment.

Praxisorientiertes Lab

Building SQLite with Asylo

Asylo provides strong encapsulation around data, and logic for developing and using an enclave. In this lab you use Asylo to install and run SQLite in an enclave.

Praxisorientiertes Lab

Building Redis with Asylo

In this lab you use Asylo to set up Redis inside an enclave. This provides security protection for user data against attacks from the OS kernel or even a user running with root privileges.

Praxisorientiertes Lab

Using Asylo to Protect Secret Data from an Attacker with Root Privileges

In this lab you use Asylo to protect secret data from an attacker with root privileges.

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